ARCHANGEL age reverse kit

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ARCHANGEL age reverse kitDIVINE and CLARITYAngel Wing Gua Sha



The essential kit for facial detox and age reversal: CLARITY and DIVINE plus ANGEL WING gua sha or OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL ROLLER



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The Art of Gua Sha

A self-care, at-home, meditative practice that produces gloriously rejuvenated, toned, nourished, and youthful skin. 


ARCHANGEL age reverse kit contains a 6-month supply of the three essential products needed for facial detoxification and age reversal: CLARITY anti-wrinkle wand, DIVINE gua sha oil, and the black obsidian crystal ANGEL WING gua sha, or Obsidian Crystal Roller. 

The ancient art of gua sha is the leading trend in Asian skincare and 11:11 has formulated an intensive yet nurturing, advanced lab-tested line that out-performs the leading brands. Our formulas contain high-performance, active, ethically sourced, totally clean, plant-based ingredients, bottled in life-force enhancing biophotonic glass, that pamper your skin like Mother Nature intended.

The Gua Sha Ritual

By using targeted strokes with the ANGEL WING gua sha, the face is detoxified as the lymphatic system is drained, collagen is produced as the blood vessels and acupressure points are stimulated, and the facia is reformed leading to a more toned and taut jawline, forehead, and cheeks. 

The ancient practice of gua sha focuses on breaking up stagnant energy which is responsible for inflammation, and using the black obsidian gua sha, as opposed to rose quartz, you are further stripping away negative energy for overall purification and wellbeing. 

The specially formulated high-performance plant-based DIVINE gua sha oil and CLARITY anti-wrinkle wand, both with palo santo oil from Ecuador, are deeply penetrated into the skin with the gua sha strokes to brighten, de-puff and detox the face, leaving a youthful radiant glow. With a 6-month supply of oils and the ANGEL WING gua sha, you have all you need to reverse the aging process from the comfort of your home.  


CLARITY Anti-wrinkle Wand has been specially formulated with marine algae, Siberian cedar nut oil, and palo santo oil, combined with powerful plant based ingredients, to target more visible wrinkles and sagging, crepey skin, especially around the eye and mouth area. 

DIVINE Gua Sha Oil gives your skin a nourishing, hydrating drink to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Divine’s formula is a special blend of cold pressed, dry oils that absorb easily into the skin. Its power comes from arctic blackcurrant, Siberian cedar nut oil, and palo santo oil, and a variety of exceptionally nutritive plant oils. 


Formed in the cooling lava expelled from an active volcano, the 11:11 black obsidian crystal ANGEL WING gua sha possesses deeply grounding, purifying, and detoxifying properties that, when combined with a facial gua sha routine, can work wonders to combat facial tension, fine lines, and wrinkles while reforming the facia to produce a toned and taut jawline, forehead, and cheeks.

Or instead, choose the OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL ROLLER option...

Formed in the cooling lava expelled from an active volcano, this black obsidian crystal possesses deeply grounding and detoxifying properties: when combined with a facial roller routine it boosts lymphatic drainage, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and de-puffs the face.

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