It is Time to Reverse Our Perspective on Ageing

Our age reverse range is designed to reverse your perspective on ageing. Glowing, healthy skin is beautiful at any age!  

We don’t use the term “anti-ageing” for our skincare products as we think it sounds like we are against ageing. The reality is that as you age it is totally possible to do so with glowing, beautiful skin and many people become more beautiful inside and out as they age. 

Instead, we like to use the term “age reverse”: this is all about reversing your perspective on ageing and realising that with the right natural skincare routine, you can embrace glowing, beautiful skin at any age. 

Using plant-based skincare products is the perfect way to age gracefully as they are free of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. We use 100% living, cold processed, plant-based ingredients and superfoods that help to balance, hydrate and refine skin. These ingredients are incorporated with only plant-based, naturally occurring preservatives so that we avoid all synthetic ingredients that can cause imbalance to your skin: increasing sebum production and potentially causing dryness, irritation and speeding up the aging process.

By choosing our Palo Santo Living Skincare range, you are purchasing products containing living, potent ingredients full of antioxidants and vitamins to promote healthy, glowing skin.  Our products only contain plant-based ingredients and plant-based preservatives and are free of all synthetic ingredients and alcohol. They are not bulked out with water and fillers like many other skincare brands- check the ingredients list on the back, if any product starts with “ aqua” then water is the main ingredient. Our products are packed with organic floral waters, organic plant oils, herbal extracts and essential oils to ensure that each jar or bottle is full of vitamins, nutrients antioxidants and skin-enhancing ingredients. 

Our Living, plant-based products are packaged in Biophotonic glass which only allows the violet light spectrum to enter the product, energising the product with the force of life and keeping the ingredients alive within. It also blocks out the white light spectrum which decomposes and degrades the product. Other glass such as green, blue and amber, traditionally used for cosmetics, offers little to no protection from the decomposition caused by light.

Two of our top 11:11 “age reverse” ingredients are: matcha powder and palo santo oil. 

The high quantities of EGCG and chlorophyll in matcha make it extremely high in antioxidants that 
have been shown to help to prevent skin ageing, reduce inflammation, detox pores, balance sebum 
production, prevent age spots and even prevent and treat UV induced cell damage. 

Palo santo oil is extremely high in antioxidants and phytohemicals called terpenes such as limonene 
and a-terpineol. Along with these antioxidants that help to prevent free radical damage and aging of
the skin its antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities make it extremely beneficial in 
skincare products. Palo santo oil can help to refine pores, reduce and prevent wrinkles and treat 
acne and viral and fungal skin conditions. 

Our high-quality matcha is sourced by our friends at Chiki Tea from a tea farm in Kyushu, Japan. We use the highest quality palo santo oil which is personally sourced from Puerto Lopez, Manabi, Ecuador. Our palo santo oil is extracted by a steam distillation process without the use of any chemicals.

As you feed and nourish your skin with living, plant-based skincare you will see that skin CAN glow with health and vitality at any age. Your skin is the largest organ of the body so it is the best way of reading your health. If we see dark circles and cover them up with makeup, we aren’t addressing the issue, the root cause of this imbalance within: they may be telling you to eat better, get more sleep or take exercise. Sometimes changes in lifestyle can improve our skin but we are still left behind with visible reminders such as dark circles and fine lines. Often it takes a bit of extra love and care, including facial exercises, and massage combined with natural, living skincare products to heal the wounds of time and embrace a new, healthier complexion. 

For tips on reducing dark circles, fine lines and improving your complexion naturally please refer to our previous blog: 7 Steps to a Healthier, More Youthful Complexion. 






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