DIY Age Reverse Secrets

With all of this extra time at home, many people are opting for at-home spa treatments. This is a great time to implement some simple Age Reverse techniques that can produce very real results. A glowing, healthy complexion is a great way of boosting your confidence and well being and it doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Even stubborn wrinkles and sagging droopy skin can be greatly reduced with a few simple facial exercises. 

I am a 38-year-old mother of two little girls and about three years ago I noticed some fairly deep expression lines forming on my forehead and some drooping below my eyebrows. These are common signs of aging that can be fairly easily reversed along with creases around the eyes, dark circles, lip lines, smile lines, etc. 

My first port of call to reduce signs of ageing around my eyes and forehead was face-yoga. The exercises I used were simple and with a few daily exercises, I was able to visibly reduce the creases on my forehead and the sagging below my eyebrows. I then started to implement facial gua sha exercises into my skincare routine and the results were impressive even after one session. It took a bit of practice to get really good at it but after a lot of research and studying, I developed a routine that really worked for me and targeted all of the major signs of ageing on the face to reduce and help prevent wrinkles, sagging crepey skin and fine lines. 

 I have created a free video course so that everyone can learn the exercises that I have used to reverse and prevent the signs of ageing. The great thing is that done regularly (at least three times a week) I have found that I can look like I have had a good night’s sleep every day (even when I haven’t). I was able to pretty much eradicate dark circles and reduce all fine lines and wrinkles so that they are barely visible. My face is also more symmetrical and my eyes are wider.  

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