7 Steps to a Healthier, More Youthful Complexion


Everyone likes to look healthy and have a glowing, youthful complexion. Many people say they feel more confident when their skin looks good and some say they just want to look younger. For some people, it seems like the only way to achieve this is through wearing make up or regular trips to the sunbed. Being a skincare formulator, I have tried many many different natural methods to improve and maintain a healthy complexion. I would like to share the top 7 things that have helped me to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion without the need for concealer, powder or foundation. Why not give some or all of them a go and see how your skin feels in 2-3 weeks time! I would love to hear about your results! 

Step 1

Use natural, cleansers that are free of all chemical foaming agents. Avoid harsh cleansers as they can cause imbalance, dryness and increased sebum production. Cleanse morning and evening and use an organic, chemical free moisturiser afterwards and an eye balm. For added results hydrating mists and serums can be used before your moisturiser.


Step 2

Avoid squeezing pimples and blackheads. Instead use a gentle cleanser and massage the skin gently with your finger tips to release oxidised sebum plugs as you cleanse (do this for a full minute daily)- within two weeks you should experience a clearer complexion. Use a gentle exfoliator, such as our 11:11 Geisha Grains, once to twice a week. This will help to cleanse pores and also remove dead skin cells so that your skin is able to absorb your serum and moisturiser properly.


Step 3

Facial massage using beauty tools such as the Jade roller and gua sha tool: increases blood circulation and helps to promote lymphatic drainage. This can help to maintain smoother, younger looking skin and a glowing complexion. I also find a two minute facial acupressure massage improves my complexion and reduces wrinkles. To see results, do daily or at least three times a week.

Facial gua sha tutorial:


Jade roller tutorial:


Read about: Facial acupressure


Step 4

Face yoga is another favourite of mine. I have used it to reduce dark circles and sagging around the eye area, forehead wrinkles and creases above my top lip. There are many different exercises that target different areas of the face depending on your problem area.

Face yoga:


Step 5

Always use organic and chemical free products on your skin: I cannot emphasise this enough. Synthetic products cause imbalance, irritation, dryness, increased sebum production and speed up the aging process. Toxins are absorbed by the skin and  residue builds up in your organs which can also have negative effects on your health in the long term.


Step 6

Lifestyle: diet and exercise. Avoid heavily processed foods, fried food and refined sugar. Limit coffee and alcohol intake. Eat plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables- choose as many different colours as you can and eat them in their most raw and unprocessed state. Drink plenty of filtered water or spring water to expel toxins. Exercise increases blood circulation and releases toxins, helping to promote healthy skin.


Step 7

Avoid wearing too much heavy make up: this will clog pores, increase sebum production and cause imbalance and dryness. Dry skin is prone to wrinkles so avoid wearing too much powder. Whilst you detox from heavy make up use and synthetic skincare products you may find your skin continues to overproduce sebum. This is very normal for a time whilst your skin regains balance. Try using blotting papers rather than powder and powder foundations during this period.



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