How to Use Our Affiliate Banners

You can easily embed our affiliate banners into your blog, webpage, or emails. Simply link them to either:

  1. Your unique affiliate partner URL, like this: ; or
  2. One of our webpages' URL, appending your affiliate code like this:

where target-path is the page you want to directly link to.

How to embed a banner using our code snippet

To embed an image in your webpage you can copy and paste either of the code snippets here, substituting for your unique partner-id, and the url / path of the banner you have saved


Banner Sizes

Website / Display Ads

banner sizes for website row 1

banner sizes website row 2

banner sizes website row 3 - 1banner sizes website row 3 - 2


banner sizes facebook

Other Social Media

banner sizes twitter 1banner sizes instagrambanner sizes pinterestbanner sizes linkedin