About us


In November 2017, Heidi Gordon-Smith in Cambridgeshire, England and Holly Helt, CEO of Chiki Tea Limited in Buzen City, Kyushu, Japan, formed 11:11 Limited to bring Palo Santo Living Skincare to life. The union was Divinely guided as it was Palo Santo that brought the two women together. Holly received a large box of Palo Santo oil, wood, and incense from a friend in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, then posted a photo of it on her Facebook page. When Heidi saw it, she contacted her immediately, jumping with JOY saying it was the missing ingredient in her handmade skincare that she makes for her friends and family, inspired by her two young children. 

11:11 Limited produces handcrafted LIVING skincare with Palo Santo oil. Our formulas contain only high-performance, active, ethically sourced, totally clean, plant-based ingredients that pamper your skin like Mother Nature intended. The most important element of 11:11 skincare products is that they are fresh and full of nutrients. Because we use only plant-based preservatives that are better for you, 11:11 intends for the products to be used straight away when they are at their freshest and full of vitamins and antioxidants to actually feed your skin. 

We are also passionate about protecting the environment and reducing plastic waste so all 11:11 products are packaged in biophotonic glass. This glass gives the added benefit of helping to preserve the products within. It blocks out the white light spectrum which degrades living matter and instead only allows the violet light spectrum to enter which fuels the contents with the force of life.


Heidi Gordon-Smith is a Skincare Formulator and certified gua sha specialist. Looking and feeling healthy has always been important to Heidi. She became gua sha certified so she could help others to achieve and maintain a youthful complexion just as she has done for herself. She uses regular facial fitness exercises to compliment her Palo Santo Living Skincare routine and to further boost the anti-wrinkle benefits. 

Heidi is passionate about creating the healthiest plant-based version of everything when it comes to caring for her family. When her first daughter, Lily, was conceived, she gradually became more fanatical about removing all chemicals from their world. By the time her second daughter, Dahlia, was born, she made everything for her family from sprouted seed milk to nappy balm. She developed 11:11's skincare products with them in mind: incorporating cold pressed organic oils, superfoods and plant extracts with plant-based preservatives and packaging them in biophotonic glass to keep the nutrient content intact and further enhance the products.

Being passionate about LIVING, plant-based ingredients led to some of the most important elements of the 11:11 Palo Santo LIVING Skincare line. Having travelled around South America, Heidi was familiar with the sacred palo santo wood. She discovered that after its death, this sacred tree experiences a rebirth: it is not until approximately 10 years after death that it starts to produce the healing essential oil. The tree must lie on the forest floor for up to ten years before it is ready to be extracted by a steam distillation process. Palo santo oil is exceptionally rich in terpenes such as limonene and a terpineol with quantities not found in any other tree. These antioxidants have strong benefits in anti-wrinkle treatments as well as considerable antibacterial and antiviral benefits. 


Holly Helt is CEO of Chiki Tea Limited, a Japanese tea company shipping the finest artisan loose leaf teas and matcha to customers in 29 countries. She grew up in Japan drinking green tea from the age of three and hasn't stopped. It was with this passion that she founded Chiki Tea, which is registered in the UK and has operations in Japan. Holly always wanted a matcha-based moisturizer and when the two women joined forces to create 11:11 Limited, GRACE and AGENT 88 Matcha Rejuvenating Cream were the first product duo in development. The His & Her creams use the finest matcha from a remote part of Japan, along with Palo Santo oil from Ecuador. 


Mark Tanser is CFO of Chiki Tea Limited and plays an active role in supporting 11:11, especially when it comes to the back office wizardry that he so skillfully performs.